"MFC Equity has the dual aims of educating its Partners in the art of investing and of applying that knowledge to achieve the highest absolute returns."

MFC Equity is an investment club that identifies potential sources of alpha by employing a growth investing strategy through bottom-up fundamental analysis. The fund is pooled by the club’s handpicked partners, who actively manage their long-only equity portfolio. The club is formed by individuals who study or studied at top British universities. Each member enters the club as an associate, and required to write investment reports on a biweekly basis. Associates are promoted to partners if they obtain a track record that meets MFC Equity's rigorous standards.

Our mid-term strategic goal is to expand our operation by rolling out new clubs in a franchise model at top British universities. Our vision is to create a network of professionals who actively collaborate, share their knowledge, and as a result we can further boost our performance. (Please visit the Locations section to see our current presence.)


Executive Committee

Fábián Somfai
Fabian is an investment analyst at BlackRock. Prior to that, he has spent 2 years at Deloitte as management consultant working on strategy projects.
Bence Bánhalmi
Olivér Pammer-Zagroczky
Oliver started looking into trading at the age of 16. After several years of practice, he has successfully started trading with foreign currencies mainly using technical analysis. He is the manager of a small business that distributes and maintains security equipments in Hungary. Oliver has a keen interest in technology and sports.
Balázs Gecse
Vice-president, Head of MFC St. Andrews


Patrik Singer
Partner, Head of IT Communication
Márkó Mórócz
Partner, Head of MFC UCL
Márkó has been studying Economics and Business with East European Studies at University College London since 2016. Beside these disciplines he has a special interest in investing, sociology and politics.
Róbert Panyi
Partner, Head of MFC Cambridge
My name is Robert Panyi and I am in the 12th Grade at ELTE Miklos Radnoti Grammar School. I joined Milestone Finance Club (MFC) in the summer of 2015 to gain some experience and knowledge from the business world. My time as an associate at the MFC helped me throughout my internship at Equilor Ltd. this summer where I wrote a comprehensive analysis about the automobile industry and Daimler AG in particular. This October I have applied to the University of Cambridge to study Land Economy. I believe that my experience as an analyst has been extremely useful since my knowledge about international businesses and trading has been growing exponentially during my time at the MFC. I hope that I can keep working for the Club in the future and keep having a friendly relationship with my collegues.
Tamás Kökény
Dániel Kékesi
Balázs Búzás


András Nemesánszky
Head of Associates, Deputy head of MFC St. Andrews
Gellért Peresztegi-Nagy
Gellért is a high school student in Győr, Hungary preparing for his academic studies in the field of Computer Science. His main interests are in investing (mainly personal investing), technology and software development. He is a fan of self-improvement and the value of knowledge.
Viktor Tabányi
Márk Priám
Boldizsár Fejes
Berta Pozsgai
Teo Nikolov
Mátyás Szűts
Marcell Futász
Dávid Nagy
Péter Jakus
Petra Tóth
Bence Szekeres


Miklós Petridisz
Miklos won the Microsoft Imagine Cup – a premiere technology competition – hosted by the Microsoft Corporation in 2015. He pursued his scholarly curiosity at the Milestone Institute where he specialized in business economics and became one of the first members of the MFC Fund. In his gap year, he is a consultant at “AAM Consulting” and works on complex business consultancy and IT projects. He will continue his studies at one of the top Universities in the UK from September.
Máté Földi
Máté started his studies in 2016 at University of Exeter in BSc Economics and Politics with International Study. He has spent 3 years in the Milestone Finance Club, doing stock analysis. Máté is interested in domestic and international politics and economics.
Zsolt Tulassay
Zsolt Csepura


Amazon Inc.
Las Vegas Sands Corp.
TAL Education Group
Unitedhealth Group
Veeva Systems
InfoSys Ltd.
Copart Inc.
Baozun Inc.
Momo Inc.
Applied Materials Inc.


MFC Equity currently operates at the following locations: