MFC Equity has the dual aims of educating its members in the art of investing and of applying that knowledge to achieve the highest absolute returns.

What we do

MFC Equity is an investment club that identifies potential sources of alpha by employing a growth investing strategy through bottom-up fundamental analysis. The fund is pooled by the club’s handpicked partners, who actively manage their long-only equity portfolio. The club is formed by individuals who study or studied at top British universities. Each member enters the club as an analyst, and required to write investment reports on a biweekly basis. Analyst are promoted to partners if they obtain a track record that meets MFC Equity's rigorous standards.

Our club is driven by our mission statement which reads as follows:
”MFC Equity has the dual aims of educating its members in the art of investing and of applying that knowledge to achieve the highest absolute returns.”

We are delivering lectures on various finance topics, organising workshops and providing feedback through our senior members to the juniors in order to maximise our combined expertise and nurture future leaders of our club.

Achieving returns:
Each partner invests their own money in the organisation’s fund which is managed together. We firmly believe that together we can generate more in-depth insights, make better decisions, and thus realise above market returns.

In addition, our Public Relations and Research Group provides thought leadership on macroeconomic events, insights on industries and many more. We hope that our About Markets section speaks for itself, therefore with no further introduction, please check out our latest thought pieces there.

Our values


  • We are knowledgeable and we keep learning
  • We produce quality content that is recognised by the professional community
  • We act, speak and behave professionally


  • We always do our best
  • We are dependable
  • We think of the club as a long term membership that can continue indefinitely

Team spirit

  • We help each other whenever we can
  • We make decisions together that is in the best interest of everyone
  • We are part of a vibrant community that is fun to belong to

Our vision

Our vision #1 is to become the ultimate boarding school of finance professionals by recruiting the brightest talents internationally and being recognised as such in the finance industry.

More specifically, we are:

  • Rolling out MFC Equity at top international universities with the same operating model and thus creating a professional community. (Please scroll down to see our current presence)
  • Connecting our members through our platform to provide further opportunities to network, collaborate and share their knowledge.
  • Connecting our members with the finance industry as well
  • Continuously providing learning opportunities by tapping into the partners’ and senior members’ expertise.

Our vision #2 is to launch additional funds with different risk profiles and eventually being able to serve all type of investors.

More specifically, we are:

  • Exploring model portfolios that consists of more defensive stocks with less growth potential, but with oligopolistic or monopolistic market position and with a continuous income stream through dividends. The to-be fund should serve as a safer investment solution even in a risk-off market environment.
  • Learning about macroeconomic relations and the fixed-income market through our Public Relations and Research Group to create hedging opportunities for recessionary periods.
  • Connecting our members with the finance industry as well
  • Launching a cryptocurrency group whose members write investment reports on cryptocurrencies and ultimately launching a fund to serve the most adventurous investors.

Locations and Members

Fábián Somfai


Bence Banhalmi


Olivér Pammer-Zagroczky


Balázs Gecse


Patrik Singer

Head of IT Communications

Márkó Morocz


Balázs Buzas

Head of Public Relations and Research Group

András Nemesankszky

Head of Associates