First Double Pitch Day: A glimpse into MFC Equity London

Last week, the first monthly Double Pitch Day in the history of MFC Equity was successfully conducted in London.

As the name implies, both the analysts and associates pitched their investment ideas to the whole London branch. After each proposal the members debated the stocks to determine their future potential and whether they align with MFC's investment philosophy. The session was followed by an informal networking event accompanied by a couple of pints, making sure that besides education the members also have the opportunity to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment. The London Committee firmly believes that these are vital elements in the process of training the future generation while ensuring that the branch scales up in a sustainable and friendly manner.

However, the first Double Pitch Day, did not happen overnight. MFC London has been running and expanding for the second consecutive year. Today it encompasses 25+ members from UCL, KCL and Cass Business School, who meet biweekly for pitch days and workshops. Together they continuously manage their equity portfolio and refine their operations. The Double Pitch Day is the by-product of the mentors and committee who created the current system to provide a steep learning curve to analysts and to foster their integration with senior members.

What is next? MFC London continues its usual operation in the upcoming months. It will hold its second Annual General Meeting in March. As part of the schedule it will revaluate its modus operandi, set new goals and objectives, and most importantly, elect a new committee. Hence, keep tuned! After this period of self-reflection, MFC London will come back stronger with many events next year!

The London Committee